Back to the Thesis: Return to 415

I return to 415 this time around to collaborate with my classmate and fellow animation enthusiast, Joanna Nawn.  The aim of this collaboration to create an animated short while strengthening our understanding of the roles that environment and camera manipulation have in enhancing storytelling.  To have a better understanding of our aim, please see our combined thesis below:



Films both animated and live-action alike rely upon a balance of dynamic storytelling and cinematic techniques to provide their audience with meaningful entertainment. This balance is often elusive, as many films fall short of this balance, over-reliant on gimmicks, star power or special effects, while an exemplary few, e.g. Disney’s Moana and The Shining, excel and become instant classics.  It’s the masterful use of setting, camerawork and great storytelling is what earns these films distinction. Our intention is to capture that balance and create an animated short that showcases how visual effects and the camera can become characters in their own right.


Semiotic Square

We will be creating the short based off of the semiotic square shown below.  A semiotic square helps artists to figure out their ideas for a project and become the beginnings of a thesis.  Together this semester we will work to create a short which will include a rig, nhair, ncloth, a water simulation and an environment along with camera manipulation.



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