Project Update – Nov. 02

As for the last few weeks,  I have been concentrating on a particular object of interest for the upcoming animation and sequentially an upcoming TransMedia Narratives project.  This object of  interest is a manhole cover. It came about in a discussion about how it may be used as a narrative device and took off as its own kind of beast, requiring a lot of thought in modeling one as three interlocking pieces that can in theory, be milled out or 3d printed.

Screenshot (3)

Transparent side view of the cover.

How the pieces fit together.

When planning out the object, I drew up some illustrations to help me plan how it may fit together and some designs inspired by the Voynich Manuscript. that I want to implement on the surface through the use of a displacement map.


Moving forward, I plan on using a displacement map to sculpt the final design onto the surface and prepare the model for use in fabrication.


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