Culmination, sort of

Below is a video that culminates the end of the semester and the Dreamscape Project created by myself and my classmate Joanna Nawn.  You can see her blog here and her portfolio here.

There is much to talk about regarding to production of this animation namely the amount of planning required to make a successful animation.  On my end, storyboarding was an integral part of planning the scenes and helping me make decisions as far as pacing, action and camera angles.

Many of the shortcomings and hiccups can be chalked up to inexperience and getting acquainted with a newer version of Maya and incidental issues with the recently severed relationship between Autodesk and Nvidia and procuring a full license for rendering with mental ray.  Despite this and ultimately being unable to render before the deadline, this has been a valuable learning experience that I’ll take with me to future projects.  We plan on rendering the animation after ironing a couple of minor issues, so please come back in the future.



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Ashaundei Smith

I'm a student and sequential arts enthusiast with big ideas, ready to leave my mark in the art world!

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