Manifesto of Growth

More specifically, An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth by Bruce Mau


Art is Bigger

In response to the reading, Foreward by William Cromar in the preparation of my self-study.

Computers are Useless – Among the many tools used in the creation and expression art—charcoal, the chisel, the paintbrush, the camera, and now the computer, there no longer remains an archaic hierarchy that determines which mode or method is necessary to call art, art.  Each tool is as valid and as useful as the next but is also useless without an idea that employs them with a purpose, a means to turn intangible thought into material expression.  A. Michael Noll’s Gaussian Quadratic ushered a new era of visualization that was previously unimaginable, especially in the infantile stages of computer technology, that are now commonplace in many forms of digital entertainment.  His visual experiments, whether he intended or not, lends credence to the intent of Marcel Duchamp’s “experiment”,  Fountain, further expanding the boundaries of what is considered art, regardless of how it’s made.


The Death of the Death of Art – 


Art415: Student Driven Curricula

Welcome to the Art415 section of my blog.  Posts that will be categorized under 415 will serve as a record detailing my journey in acquiring a new skillset that would expand my proficiency and  enhance my employment opportunities in a creative industry.  During this endeavor, I’ll develop a thesis alongside a semiotic square, a regimen of tutorials to pertaining to the particular skill and a detailed record of the skill(s) I’ve acquired and my personal thoughts on the quality of tutorials in terms of relevance.

The skill I wish to obtain this term is rigging 3D models and the end goal is to successfully construct a bipedal rig and demonstrate its efficacy with a standard walk cycle.

Elements – Through the Looking Glass

For this post, I decided to model a vintage bit and press that I procured at an antique shop and took it apart into 5 pieces.  My biggest challenge was fine-tuning revolve parameters for a few of the components and merging meshes through boolean processes.  I also had some trouble initially with the Mila materials but quickly had a grasp and like how the models turned out.