Art415: Student Driven Curricula

Welcome to the Art415 section of my blog.  Posts that will be categorized under 415 will serve as a record detailing my journey in acquiring a new skillset that would expand my proficiency and  enhance my employment opportunities in a creative industry.  During this endeavor, I’ll develop a thesis alongside a semiotic square, a regimen of tutorials to pertaining to the particular skill and a detailed record of the skill(s) I’ve acquired and my personal thoughts on the quality of tutorials in terms of relevance.

The skill I wish to obtain this term is rigging 3D models and the end goal is to successfully construct a bipedal rig and demonstrate its efficacy with a standard walk cycle.

Elements – Through the Looking Glass

For this post, I decided to model a vintage bit and press that I procured at an antique shop and took it apart into 5 pieces.  My biggest challenge was fine-tuning revolve parameters for a few of the components and merging meshes through boolean processes.  I also had some trouble initially with the Mila materials but quickly had a grasp and like how the models turned out.





Project 4: Make it Interesting

A History of Flight | Made with Adobe Premier Pro

I had a bit of fun putting this one together. The challenge was to find a mundane object, in this case, hobby aircraft and make a video that makes it a little more interesting.  To be honest, who doesn’t like the occasional paper airplane?